China International Import Expo (CIIE-2018)

On November 5-10 this year, one of the most important events was hosted in Shanghai – China International Import Expo. Our consortium also participated in it. Visitors of the pavilion of China’s first international exhibition of diamonds and gemstones enjoyed a large exhibition of Le’Amber consortium. It is the largest display booth in the pavilion,

The takeaway is that due to the aforementioned reasons, the international amber industry is going into a new economic phase – the recession phase, which can result in a deep international crisis.

This is the argument we used to summarize our article, written in April of this year. Even though many of the amber processers, sellers and miners had a tiny hope that this economic process will somehow maybe be avoided, our consortium deeply regrets that in economy there is no such word as „maybe“. What we

Flow of Contraband Amber to China Continues

Ukrainian raw amber

The consortium’s information agency has received reports from unofficial sources that in late December, seven tonnes of Ukrainian amber were smuggled from Hong Kong to China. The information is confirmed by the significant increase in amber raw material supply and the drop in prices on the Chinese market. To verify this fact, informal negotiations were

Raw amber reaches China

Raw amber material

The Forum of the Amber Industry organised by private limited company Kaliningrad Amber Factory, which was held in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation, on 6–8 October 2016, resulted in the signing of a contract on the acquisition of raw amber between the company Jiangsu Yulinglong Jewelry Technology Co, Ltd (People’s Republic of China) and Kaliningrad Amber Factory