China International Import Expo (CIIE-2018)

On November 5-10 this year, one of the most important events was hosted in Shanghai – China International Import Expo. Our consortium also participated in it. Visitors of the pavilion of China’s first international exhibition of diamonds and gemstones enjoyed a large exhibition of Le’Amber consortium. It is the largest display booth in the pavilion, occupying the area of ​​504 m2. The consortium at the China International Import Expo presented visitors with outstanding amber pieces not shown in any other local jewellery show, and a completely new collection of amber jewellery.

The diamond and gemstone pavilion is in the section of the clothing and daily consumer goods of the exhibition. It features diamonds, coloured gemstones, amber, emeralds, pearls, jewellery and other similar items. The pavilion area was almost 10 000 m2. 192 exhibitors from 27 countries presented their products in this pavilion. Since its inception, the China International Import Expo has seen at least 150 000-200 000 visitors daily. More than 100 000 of them were visiting the diamond and gemstone pavilion. The show visitors had to pass an additional security check. During the peak hours, limited number of visitors were admitted in order to ensure the order and the possibility to explore the exhibits conveniently.
Along with the big number of visitors, the director of the Executive Committee, the Chinese Communist Party Deputy secretary of the Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong also visited the pavilion. The mayor talked to exhibitors and visitors. The consortium was highly pleased to meet Ying Yong specifically at the Le’Amber stand. He was interested whether this was the first consortium’s visit to China, and asked about the success of trade at the exhibition. The mayor was pleased about such great popularity of exhibition and invited to participate in it next year.

Summit of ASEAN+12 jewellery company presidents

For information: from 10-05-2018 the president of Le’Amber Consortium“ A. Bitautas is an official member of the Presidium of the AEC+12 group.
ACE+12 summit is one of the 27 most important official events at the China International Import Expo.
The summit of ASEAN+12 jewellery company presidents (AEC+12), with its official launch scheduled on November 8th, was held in the territory outside the ASEAN countries (South East Asia Association) for the first time. At the opening ceremony, welcoming speeches were given by Xiao Guiyu, Deputy Director of the Shanghai NPC, Chen Su Dipeng the representative of ASEAN’s jewellery industry chamber, Okaguchi Noriyoshi, Vice-Mayor of Kobe (Japan), and Lin Qiang, vice-chairman of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and Shanghai Diamond Bourses.
The AEC+12 summit was attended by organizations from 24 countries of the world, including the host country of the region, China, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as well as the representatives from Italy, South Korea, Russia, the USA, Japan, Sri Lanka, Great Britain, India, Israel, Belgium, Lithuania (Le’Amber consortium), New Zealand and Turkey.
The meeting was also attended by visitors from over 80 countries representing important jewellery industry organizations, business centres, global processing and consumer markets.

To express its willingness to cooperate closely in an international context and to improve the opportunities for developing the world’s jewellery market, various documents were signed at the meeting:
1) 24 representatives signed a global cooperation agreement;
2) the SGJE signed a cooperation agreement with the international chain leader Everledge. Everledge was the first to endorse the digital fingerprints on the blocks chain platform thus solving the complex problem of the diamond and jewellery market information chain. The introduction of this technology will help local Chinese consumers to maintain contact with the international diamond and jewellery market in marketing terminals and ensure that Chinese consumers can buy high quality jewellery;
3) co-operation agreements signed during the meeting, such as the strategic cooperation agreement between Kobe (Japan) and the Shanghai diamond and jewellery burses, reflect a strong international jewellery regions’ determination to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese market. In addition, the 4) SGJE has signed cooperation agreements with the Indian jewellery giant KGK GROUP and the Le’Amber consortium. Chinese jewellery buyers have established direct relationships with foreign suppliers, which is a clear evidence of integration between the global supply network and China.
5) The SGJE also signed a cooperation agreement with the largest exhibition organization UBMA Asia in the field of design and advertising – this will help to further enhance the international Chinese cooperation in the jewellery culture.

On December 3 this year the Le’Amber consortium held an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors for participation in the China International Import Expo and the ASEAN+12 Summit.
The participation of the consortium in both events was evaluated very well:

  • Significant long-term cooperation agreements on trade in amber jewellery were signed with the leading Chinese state companies; this will give a further impetus for development of production by the consortium members.
  • The investment project with separate Chinese provincial administration for the establishment of a joint production plant was signed and approved.
  • The co-operation agreement for granting the exclusive rights to use the Le’Amber trademark and name (based on franchising) and promotion of the use of amber jewellery in Asia is being prepared.