Tripartite agreement

The ceremony of signing a trilateral agreement on cooperation in the field of amber ore between companies representing Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Ukraine, was held successfully

In the afternoon of 1 March, Songgang International Amber Market inaugurated the ceremony of the signing of a framework cooperation agreement in the field of amber ore between three parties – Anmanbo jewelry co., ltd, Beata Amber Hong Kong Ltd., and Ukrainian company OOO Red.Met. More than 100 people, well-known entrepreneurs in the amber industry as well as industry mass media became witnesses of this important moment.

Ukraine is one of the leading manufacturers of amber in the world and Ukrainian amber is known for its bright, saturated colour and high specific gravity. Previously, illegal production of amber for a long time caused harm to the environment and the Ukrainian government comprehensively restricted the export of amber ore. Being the sole provider of amber ore, the export license for which is signed personally by the President of Ukraine, with a view to effectively saving the resources of the amber ore, OOO Red.Met for many years looked for a reliable raw materials importer and processing company to become its partner.

“Amber is a precious gift of nature, and everyone should cherish it”. In his speech before the beginning of the agreement signing ceremony, Mr Qingwei Xie, the President of the Amber Division of the Chinese Association of Jewellery Industry and Jade Products and Board Chairman of Anmanbo jewelry co., ltd., said as follows: “These years, we observe a very chaotic situation in the raw amber market and very strong price fluctuations. Urged by knowledgeable people of this industry, respective amber producer countries have finally realised this problems and have started intensive planning in the export of ore and other relevant industries. The signing of this agreement is an absolutely good news for the standardisation of the market and symbolises the entry of the amber industry into a new start and its rising to a new height!”

Anmanbo jewelry co., ltd. and Beata Amber Hong Kong Ltd. are reported to be the industry’s well-known amber jewellery design, production, and processing enterprises, with excellent quality and elaborate design, and products made by these companies are welcomed by consumers all over the world. The design languages of these two brands are derived from Europe. Anmanbo jewellery products have preserved the grace, style and subtlety of culture of the royal jewellery of Denmark. Beata Amber was established in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1988 and is one of the oldest Lithuanian amber jewellery producing companies.

“This cooperation is not only is a new start for the amber industry, but also a new start for trade and economic ties between China and Ukraine!”, this is how Mr Vitaliy Pronin, Board Chairman of the company OOO Red.Met, described the meaning of the conclusion of this agreement at the event. Relevant data show that last year, during a visit to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, President Xi Jinping mentioned the link-up of the Silk Road with the Amber Road. Ukraine, as one of the key countries of Eurasia, plays an important role in respective economic and trade relations between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This agreement will encourage the exchange of resources between China and Ukraine and will have a significant impact on the promotion of bilateral cultural exchange in the area of amber and investments in projects.

Ms Qiaojia Ju, Board Chairperson of the company Beata Amber Hong Kong Ltd., gave a high appraisal of the ceremony for the signing of the agreement on strategic cooperation. She believes that this cooperation is based on a tripartite mutual benefit and mutual favour, mutual trust and support. This cooperation will definitely establish itself as a leading enterprise in the amber industry and will directly facilitate the formation of good qualities of those working in this industry, will accelerate the recovery of confidence to the entire market, and will lay a solid foundation for the development of the amber industry.

After that, Mr Qingwei Xie, Board Chairman of Anmanbo jewelry co., ltd., Ms Qiaojia Ju, Board Chairperson of the company Beata Amber Hong Kong Ltd., and Mr Vitaliy Pronin, Board Chairman of the Ukrainian company OOO Red.Met, as representatives of their parties, concluded the agreement on strategic cooperation in the area of amber ore in the presence of more than 100 representatives of the industry and professional media. In the future, the three parties will adhere to the spirit of the cooperation agreement, develop their advantages in such aspects as the design of jewellery products, marketing channels and supply of raw materials, deepen cooperation, enhance the level of cooperation, combine resources with the funds more efficiently, provide services for domestic enterprises and a wide range of consumers, and effectively encourage a healthy and standards-based development of the amber industry.