The association Le’amber Consortium was founded in 2016. It is the first and only association in the world uniting the largest amberware manufacturers, raw amber sellers and distributors. One of our objectives is to create a favourable environment for business, attract investments and encourage trading in the international market. We take responsibility of all our members and partners, therefore we seek to ensure free and fair competition. We know the market and are aware of the needs of the association’s members, so we offer them valuable solutions which are based on the best proposals of market experts.

Companies that are the members of the association Le’amber Consortium employ about 3 000 jewellery designers which have a long experience in working with amber and are well-versed in the craft of amber processing.

Production, processing

The members of the association Le’amber Consortium are professional jewellery designers working in large studies. They create jewellery by keeping up with the latest fashion trends in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

The companies belonging to the association employ professional amber processing specialists who provide the highest standard of design, workmanship and excellence.

The association Le’amber Consortium follows traditions in applying new amber processing technologies to ensure the high quality of the creation and production of newly designed amberware.

Big sales representatives, speedy management

The wholesale and retail companies of the association Le’amber Consortium, by cooperating among themselves, are able to implement the orders of customers from around the world in a short period of time.

Solid transactions, new contacts

The association Le’amber Consortium unites all largest companies of the amber industry and cooperates with them in order to establish reliable business relations and secure the implementation of big transactions. Our priority is the development and promotion of the amber business.

Great business development opportunities

Cooperation with the members of the association Le’amber Consortium opens new business development opportunities since the success of business relies on reliable partners.